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Akita Information

BREED GROUP:  Spitz, Nordic, Primitive, Pariah, and Feral Breeds

WEIGHT:  75-140 lbs.

HEIGHT:  22-29 in.

COLOR(S):  Fawn, red fawn, brindle, white; breed specific color patterns: platinum (white with darker ears), sesame (sable), pinto (white markings); all with or without black mask; all (except white, platinum) must be Urajiro (white points.)

COAT:  Harsh, straight outer coat, soft dense undercoat. Slightly longer hair at withers, rump, and tail.

OTHER NAME(S):  Akita Inu; Akita Ken; American Akita; Great Japanese Dog; Japanese Akita

APPEARANCE:  Head: Square and massive but in balance with body. Eyes: Dark, small, deep-set and three-cornered in shape. Ears: Small and held strongly upright. Muzzle: Medium and tapering to a point. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Short, thick, muscular, and gradually widening towards the shoulder. Chest: Wide and deep. Depth of chest is approximately + height of dog at shoulder. Body: Muscular with level back. Legs: Strong and powerful forelegs are straight when viewed from the front. Hind legs are moderately bent at Stifle. Feet: Well knuckled with thick pads. Tail: Large, full, and carried over back. Movement: Strong and driving, yet very agile. Temperament: Protective and aloof with strangers.