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Breeder Scam

SCAM Alert! Breeders please read.


It has recently been brought to CKC's attention that there is a scam targeting breeders who advertise on the internet. Please use your best judgement if you are contacted by an individual who is willing to pay extra money for your puppies. They are asking breeders to hold the puppy until they get a check to them. The individual states they are going to pay the shipping. The individual will send the breeder a check for much more than the puppy sells for under the guise that the extra money is for shipping costs. They ask the breeder to cash the check and go immediately to Western Union to wire the money to the shipper. It has been reported that the account provided is not that of the shipper but of the individual who sent the check. After the breeder has wired the money to the account, they later find out the check, issued by Citibank, is a fake. The individuals involved in the SCAM are using a relay service to contact breeders. They avoid all voice contact and change their email address often. The email address that was brought to our attention is from Balize and is listed as: However, this email address may not be the only one involved in the scam.