Pet First
PADGUARD™ Update - August 2005

After several months of research and much communication between Continental Kennel Club and TROPHY®, the makers of PADGUARD™, we have determined, as the packaging states that PADGUARD™ is not an adhesive, but a pad conditioner. Because of this fact, PADGUARD™ will, once again, be authorized for use at all Continental Kennel Club performance events, including weight pulls.

It is true, however that when PADGUARD™ is first administered it does possess a “tacky” property. For this reason, when in use at Continental Kennel Club sanctioned weight pulls; PADGUARD™ may only be used in the “in the hole” staging area.

As a reminder, the only substance that can be given to ANY dog entered in a Continental Kennel Club event is clear water containing no additives. However, each club may establish community water buckets containing DYNE™ (another TROPHY® product), and no other additives.

We at Continental Kennel Club have determined that these products, when used properly, are in the best interest of the dogs and are not intended nor do they provide a competitive edge. We are honored to have these products as our sponsors.

Jerry Hope
Events Director