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From the elderly widow to the two-year-old’s best friend, dogs are a part of so many families today. Dogs are a source of love and affection; they are loyal friends and constant companions to those they love. Continental Kennel Club recognizes that many of its club members have dogs that are not only pets, they are members of the family. That is why CKC has designed a program for those who want to give back to their furry friends. The CKC Gold Club is designed to recognize all dogs; whether the dog is a champion in obedience and agility competitions or is just a champion in loving its owner, all dogs can benefit from this unique membership.


Continental Kennel Club has always recognized the importance of dogs in the family unit as well as the importance of dogs performing the duties for which they were originally bred. It is commonly known that Dachshunds were bred to hunt badger and other small game, Labrador Retrievers were bred as gun dogs, and German Shepherds were bred for herding, as well as military and police work. These are just a few examples of the many duties for which dogs have been bred. Continental Kennel Club began recognizing dogs for competition in field trials in 1999. Since then, CKC has sanctioned numerous field trials and events all over the country. The CKC Events Department has worked very hard to ensure titles and notoriety to deserving dogs that have competed in these events.


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While Continental Kennel Club encourages all CKC members to participate in events with their dogs, they understand that not everyone has the same interests with dogs. CKC realizes that even the dog that sits on its owner’s lap during the day to keep him company serves a purpose and needs recognition. The Gold Club was created for all CKC registered dogs. Many of the dogs registered would be considered “lap dogs” by most working dog enthusiasts. They may not compete in any sanctioned events; however, they are as useful and special to their owners as those who have received a championship title. Currently, Gold Club membership includes breeds that range from the smallest Chihuahua to the massive Saint Bernard, from the feisty Yorkshire Terrier to the stately Mastiff. Continental Kennel Club has registered dogs that are used for hunting, herding, tracking, guarding, and those who are strictly bought for their companionship, all of which are registered with the CKC Gold Club. Gold Club Membership is for all dogs, and many club members are taking advantage of this value-packed service.


When a customer orders the one-year Gold Club Membership for his pet, he will receive a bumper sticker that tells everyone “I Love My Dog”, special doggie treats that he can give to his best friend, and 10% off any CKC products or services for one year. He will also receive 10% off of any future registration services like microchipping, DNA testing, photo registrations and pedigrees, and 10% off of any events he participates in during the year of membership. Continental Kennel Club’s breed books make great gifts for other dog lovers, and with this membership, customers will also receive 10% off any books in CKC’s large selection. These discounts can really add up for the club members who take advantage of them.


 Gold Club Members


Another advantage to being a Gold Club Member is that customers will receive newsletters that have great information on grooming, breeding, treat making, etc. These newsletters contain ideas on how to build a better friendship with your dog. Members will also receive a one-year subscription to the everydog™ online Magazine. This magazine is full of useful information and interesting articles on all types of dogs. Finally, all dogs registered into the Gold Club will be a birthday club member. They will receive special birthday treats, a card and some special recognition on their birthday.


If a customer renews his Gold Club membership for a second year, he will receive new items like the new bone-shaped dog tags with his and his dog’s information on one side, and Continental Kennel Club’s toll-free number on the other. This way, if a dog wanders away and the owner can’t be reached, CKC will do its best to locate the dog’s owner. CKC will continue to send out exciting newsletters and informative magazines, and each member’s dog will continue to receive the recognition it deserves as a member of the birthday club.


Registering a dog with the Gold Club is easy. Customers can call CKC’s toll-free number (1-800-952-3376) and a Continental Kennel Club representative will be available to answer any questions about the Gold Club. The extra money spent on Gold Club membership is a wonderful investment. Continental Kennel Club salutes all dogs and values their contributions to families all over the world.

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