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FAQs about CKC Dog Registration
1. How do I get registration papers for my dog? 
2. How do I get a Picture Registration and Photo ID card for my dog?
3. How do I get a CKC Certified Pedigree?
4. Does Continental Kennel Club accept registration papers from other kennel clubs for registration purposes?
Yes, click here for more details
5. What is the difference between a Continental Kennel Club registration application and a certificate of registration?
6. What is an acceptable color to list for my dog?
7. How do I transfer a registered dog into my name?
8. Do I need to list a co-owner on my dog’s registration?
9. The new owner section on my application/certificate has already been completed by a previous owner. How do I register this dog into my name?
10. I lost my dog’s certificate of registration. How can I get a new one?
11. How long does it take to get my paperwork back from CKC?
12. What is a pedigree?
13. I lost my puppy’s registration application. How can I get another one?
14. Is it too late to register my dog?
FAQs about CKC Litter Registration
1. How do I get papers for my puppies?
2. How much does a litter registration cost with CKC?
Litter registrations are free at CKC.
3. Can I register a litter over the phone or via the internet?
Yes, please see Registration Services for details.
4. How does CKC prices compare with other kennel clubs prices?
CKC provides free litter papers, and our registration fees are lower than most other kennel clubs.  Please see Registration Services  for our registration fees.
5. Does CKC offer special rates for breeders?
Yes, please call our office for current kennel rates & offers.
FAQs about CKC Dog Events
1. Does Continental Kennel Club sponsor dog events or dog shows?
Yes, CKC sponsors performance events.
2. What is CKC Performance Competition?
3. How can I find out about CKC Performance Events in my area?
Call our CKC Events Department at 1 877 CKC DOGS (1-877-252-3647) or check out our upcoming events online
FAQs about canine information
1. Does CKC have a magazine?
Yes, you can order a copy of the quarterly CKC Magazine here.
3. Does CKC have breed descriptions for purebred dogs?
Yes, go to breed pages
4. How can I find a specific dog breed?
5. Does CKC use DNA testing for determining canine parentage?
Yes, when questions arise about the parentage of a dog. See current CKC Rules and Regulations for details.