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Affiliate Clubs


At CKC, we often hear the question “Why are there no events in my area?”

The answer is simple: there is probably not an active affiliate club in your area.


What is an affiliate club?

A CKC affiliate club is an organization or group that actively promotes the relationship between dogs and people by offering club members and dog owners in the community the opportunity to participate in CKC sanctioned events.


What are the benefits of starting an affiliate club in my area?

By establishing your own affiliate club, you have the opportunity to not only be a part a rewarding canine experience, but to also better your community as a whole through the promotion of responsible dog ownership, dedicated and consistent training, and responsible breeding practices. You will also have the chance to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts near you.


Is establishing an affiliate club difficult?

At CKC, we are committed to making your affiliate club experience as simple as possible. Our dedicated event team will walk you through every step of the process. We provide all the necessary materials that you will need to host your event, including show entry forms and judge’s score cards, breed standards, rules and regulations, class rosters, and more. We also provide advertising for your shows and club on our social media accounts and website, in our monthly newsletter, and within dedicated email campaigns.


If you are as dedicated as we are to improving the relationship between dogs and people in your community, contact us today to learn more about establishing your very own affiliate club.


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