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CKC Shows provide CKC members an opportunity to ‘show’ their dogs in an official venue in order to obtain points and awards for their chosen breed. Dogs are evaluated for structure, temperament, and movement by a licensed CKC breed judge according to a published breed standard of each breed. As part of the club's mission to better breeds, CKC standards and shows will be developed and maintained with these factors always in mind: genetic health, physical health, sound temperaments, trainability, and the preservation of breed instincts.


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The CKC Dog Sledding Sponsorship Program has been very successful. What began in 2006 as a way to promote dog sledding, as a sport and encourage registration of purebred and mixed-breed teams, has become an exciting opportunity for many juniors as well as adults to fulfill their goals of mushing each season.  

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Continental Kennel Club Inc. sanctions performance based events to provide dog owners with the opportunity to compete with dogs in sporting type events for which the breed was originally developed. CKC sanctioned events are intended to be a fun, family atmosphere, as well as a competative one. Performance events sanctioned by CKC Inc. incude Agility trials, Obedience training, Weight Pulling competitions, Tracking events, Retrieval trials and more.




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A Continental Kennel Club (CKC) affiliate club is an organization or group that actively promotes the relationship between dogs and people by offering club members and dog owners in the community, with the opportunity to participate in CKC-sanctioned events. Affiliate clubs encourage responsible dog ownership by rewarding dedicated training efforts and responsible breeding practices, in addition to a dog’s individual accomplishments. Being part of an affiliate club is a rewarding experience for owners, dogs, and residents of the club’s community.


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