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Dachshund Information

BREED GROUP:  Dachshunds

WEIGHT:  15-32 lbs., chest circumference approx. 14 inches

HEIGHT:  13-18 in.

COLOR(S):  Black; chocolate; liver; wild boar; gray; blue; Isabella/fawn; with various shades of tan points, saddle pattern; or creeping tan; brindle; sable; agouti; solids of various shades of red to English cream; piebald; dapple

COAT:  Smooth- short, smooth, shining. Wirehaired- thick, short, tight, rough outer coat; soft, fine, undercoat w/ beard and eyebrow furnishings. Longhaired- Long, sleek, glossy, straight or wavy, fringing on underside of body, neck, ears, legs, and tail.

OTHER NAME(S):  Dachshund, STANDARD DACHSHUND; Dackel; Normalgrosse (Standard); Normalschlag, Teckel

APPEARANCE:  Head: Long and tapering symmetrically, with slightly arched skull. Eyes: Medium sized, oval, and dark in color. Ears: Set near top of head and long. Muzzle: Long and narrow. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Long, muscular and slightly arched. Top line: Level. Chest: Deep, long, and broad. Body: Long bodied, compact. Legs: Forelegs and hind legs are short, straight and muscular. Feet: Full, compact. Tail: Long, carried low or level with back. Movement: Smooth flowing gait, with graceful movements. Temperament: Alert, and a good family pet.