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Yorkshire Terrier Information

BREED GROUP:  Terrier Breeds

WEIGHT:  UP TO 7 lbs.

HEIGHT:  7-9 in.

COLOR(S):  Blue; steel; black; silver saddle pattern or creeping tan pattern with various shades of tan; gold.

COAT:  Long; straight; silky; fine, without wave, curl, woolliness, or roughness. Never restricting movement. Coat on body, head, ear base and muzzle is abundant in length. Hair on ear tips may be trimmed to prevent ears from falling.

OTHER NAME(S):  Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie,

APPEARANCE:  Head: Small and flat on top. Not too prominent or round. Muzzle is not too long. Eyes: Dark in color and medium in size. Ears: Carried erect, small and V-shaped, set not too far apart. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Good reach of neck. Top-line: Level. Chest: Deep. Body: Compact, well proportioned. Height at shoulder is the same as at rump. Legs: Forelegs are straight and hind legs are moderately bent. Feet: Round with black toenails. Tail: Usually docked to medium length and carried higher than the level of the back. Movement: Quick, yet well balanced movements. Temperament: Fearless, loyal, and willing to please.