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Stephens Stock Information

BREED GROUP:  Scenthound and Related Breeds

WEIGHT:  33-55 lbs.

HEIGHT:  16-23 in.

COLOR(S):  Various shades of black, with or without small amount of white markings.

COAT:  Short and smooth


APPEARANCE:  Head: Medium head and narrow muzzle. Eyes: Any color or combination of color. Ears: Medium in length and hanging, with top of ear level with top of head. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Medium length and strong. Chest: Deep and broad with well-sprung ribs. Depth of chest should reach below the elbow. Body: Back should be well muscled, level and of medium length. Legs: Forelegs should be straight and set wide apart. Hind legs should have stifles well angulated and hocks set low to ground. Feet: Strong and medium in length. Tail: Rat like tail. Movement: Good reach, with well balanced movement. Temperament: Energetic, free-spirited, with good movement.