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Shih-Tzu Information

BREED GROUP:  Companion and Toy Dog Breeds

WEIGHT:  9-16 lbs. in proportion to height

HEIGHT:  11 inches or less

COLOR(S):  All colors and patterns permissible.

COAT:  Coat consist of a dense, long outer coat and a moderate undercoat. Never woolly, curly, or rough. Some slight wave is permissible. Hair on head may be trimmed or pulled back. The coat should never restrict or impede dog's movement.


APPEARANCE:  Head: Round and broad, wide between the eyes. Eyes: Dark, round eyes, not protruding. Ears: Large, carried drooping. Muzzle: Short, broad and deep. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Medium length. Topline: Level. Chest: Broad and deep. Body: Longer that height. Legs: Short, straight, well boned. Feet: Good size, well padded, firm. Hair between pads. Tail: Curled over back, heavily plumed. Movement: Smooth flowing gait, with graceful movements. Temperament: Alert, and a good family pet.