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Russian Spaniel Information

BREED GROUP:  Gun Dog Breeds

WEIGHT:  20-40 lbs.

HEIGHT:  15-18 in.

COLOR(S):  Black, liver, both with or without tan points; red, all with white markigns; or predominantly white with black, liver, both with or without tan points; or red markings.

COAT:  Silky; short-medium, flat, protective coat is shorter than most spaniels, with fringing on ears, belly, and back of legs.

OTHER NAME(S):  Rosyjski Spaniel;

APPEARANCE:  Head: Skull is fairly broad, flat on top. Eyes: Medium size, set well apart and deep, dark in color. Ears: Set on side of skull, not too far back, long, hang close to cheeks. Muzzle: Medium size and well proportioned to head. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Moderately long, muscular. Top-line: Level. Chest: Deep, but not too round or wide. Body: Symmetrical, compact, strong. Legs: Straight, strong. Feet: Round or slightly oval, compact, well arched. Tail: Set low, should not be docked too short. Movement: Good reach, with well balanced movement. Temperament: Energetic, free-spirited, with good movement.