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Poodle-Miniature Information

BREED GROUP:  Companion and Toy Dog Breeds

WEIGHT:  15-30 lbs. in proportion to height.

HEIGHT:  10-15 in

COLOR(S):  All coat colors and patterns permissible, including breed specific colors Champagne; Phantom; Abstract; Tuxedo

COAT:  Curly- Well furnished with abundance of tight, fine, frizzy curls of equal length and woolly in texture. When touched, the coat will spring back into place. Corded- Dense, fine, woolly hair that forms cords measuring at least 20 cm in length.


APPEARANCE:  Head: Moderately rounded. Eyes: Dark, oval, set apart. Ears: Hang close to head, at or below eye level. Muzzle: Medium size and well proportioned to head. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Strong, well proportioned. Topline: Level. Chest: Square, deep, moderately wide. Body: Square and muscular. Legs: Straight and muscular. Feet: Small, oval, well arched toes, thick firm pads. Tail: Docked, set on high. Movement: Swift and very agile, with flowing gait. Temperament: high-spirited, yet very lovable.