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Boykin Spaniel Information

BREED GROUP:  Gun Dog Breeds

WEIGHT:  25-40 lbs.

HEIGHT:  14-18 in.

COLOR(S):  Any shade of brown or liver, including light cocoa to dark chocolate. Some small white markings permissible.

COAT:  Fairly long, flat to wavy outer coat with feathering on ears, underside, and back of legs. Short and close on face and muzzle. Shor, soft, dense undercoat.


APPEARANCE:  Head: Medium length, with a full and broad skull. Eyes: Slightly rounded, set well apart and yellow in color. Ears: Wide and long, set slightly above the eye line. Muzzle: Medium size and well proportioned to head. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Strong, muscular, medium length and arched. Top-line: Level. Chest: Ribs well sprung. Body: Sturdy and muscular, but not too compact. Legs: Forelegs are medium in length and straight. Hind legs are well-developed, powerful and full of strength. Feet: Webbed and well-padded, with toes grouped closely together. Tail: Medium length, feathered and slightly curved. Movement: Swift and very agile, with flowing gait. Temperament: High-spirited, yet very lovable.