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Australian Cattle Dog Information

BREED GROUP:  Pastoral and Stock Dog Breeds

WEIGHT:  33-50 lbs., in proportion to height.

HEIGHT:  17-20 in.

COLOR(S):  Speckling/mottling/roan of black, blue, liver, all with or without tan point markings, or patches of base color markings. Specking/mottling, roan of various shades of red with or without patches of red base color.

COAT:  Weather-resistant, straight, smooth, flat-lying outer coat, short, dense, soft undercoat. Longer and thicker on neck, under the body and behind legs with mild breeches. Short and close on head, face, front of legs and on feet. 1-1.5 in. in length.

OTHER NAME(S):  AuCaDo, Australian Cattledog, Australian Queensland Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Red Heeler, Blue Heeler

APPEARANCE:  Head: Medium size, with rounded skull. Eyes: Medium sized and oval shape. Ears: Broad at the base, set wide apart on the head and of medium size. Muzzle: Medium and tapering to a point. Nose: Black and self colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Medium length and extremely strong. Chest: Deep and muscular, with well-sprung ribs. Body: Level back that slopes at rump. Legs: Forelegs should be perfectly straight when viewed from the front. Hind legs are broad, strong, muscular and straight from the hocks to the feet when viewed from the back. Feet: Round with short toes. Tail: Medium length with a slight curve. Movement: Swift and very agile, with flowing gait. Temperament: High-spirited, yet very lovable.