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Boston Terrier

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Height: (Approx.) 15-17 In.
Group: Mastiff
Weight: (Approx.) 15-25 Lbs.
Coat: Short & Smooth
Color: Brindle With White Markings, Black With White Markings.
Description: Is it a Bulldog? Is it a Terrier? It’s actually a bit of both. The Boston Terrier is said to be the first purebred dog to originate in the United States. A man by the name of Robert C. Hooper, who was from England but made his permanent residence in Boston, Massachusetts, imported an English Bulldog – English terrier cross. This dog, Judge, became the starting point for what we now know as the Boston Terrier.

The Boston is a lively, intelligent breed. They are friendly and make a great companion dog for any family. Because of their markings, it is easy for the Boston to be recognized. They have a short coat that is black, brindle, or seal with white markings. The white markings consist of a white blaze between the eyes, and a white chest, giving the Boston the “tuxedo” look.

If you choose a Boston to become the newest part of your family, get ready for a new best friend for many, many years. Depending on the breeding, health and how well your dog is taken care of, a Boston Terrier can easily live between 12 and 14 years old.

Because of his characteristically gentle disposition, the Boston Terrier was nicknamed the “American gentleman among dogs”.

The Boston terrier was named the state dog of Massachusetts by Governor Edward King in 1979, who owned a Boston terrier named Skippy as a boy.
Appearance: Head: Square with a flat skull. Eyes: Dark, large and round. Ears: Small and fine, carried erect. Muzzle: Short, broad and deep. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Even or undershot. Neck: Medium length and slightly arched. Top-line: Level. Chest: Deep with well sprung ribs. Body: Short back, strong loins and belly slightly drawn up. Legs: Forelegs straight and well muscled. Hind legs are muscular, with stifles and hocks well bent. Feet: Small and round. Tail: Set low, short and tapered to a point. Movement: Smooth flowing gait, with graceful movements. Temperament: Alert, and a good family pet.

Boston Terrier


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La Place, LA (504) 559-2695
S/W, vet checked, 5 males,
paper trained, black/white, beautiful mkgs,
very playful and good w/ children, 7 weeks old.
Fort Valley, GA (478) 954-4393
Shih-Tzu, Boston Terrier, Chihuahuas
Olde English Bulldogges & Poodle mixes
S/W, vet checked, home raised, parents on site.
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Email CKC Boston Terrier pups; 4 males available, $350 each. AL (334) 429-1460
Email CKC Boston Terrier pups; black/white/brindle, 4-M/5-F, call or email for more information. CA (805) 712-1063
Boston Terrier pups; variety of colors, $300. MS (601) 743-5507
Email Boston Terrier pup; S/W, 3 months old, male, black/white, $250. MS (601) 433-5211
Boston Terrier pups; variety of colors, $300-$500 each, De Kalb, MS, (601) 743-5507 MS (675) 575-1030
CKC Boston Terrier pups; call for more information. OK (580) 353-4823

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