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Articles and Press

5/5/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
World's oldest dog, Maggie passes away peacefully at age 30.... Read more
4/7/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
An abandoned dog’s luck turned around last month after he was discovered by a police officer investigating a vacant home in Baltimore.... Read more
3/22/2016 Event
CKC Staff Writer
CKC's newest affiliate club, Every Dog Club, will host their first conformation show on April 23rd... Read more
2/29/2016 Press
CKC Staff Writer
CKC is now offering Pro-ID Mini Microchips, the better microchipping and animal management solution.... Read more
2/4/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
A new strain of canine influenza is spreading across the United States.... Read more
2/1/2016 Event
CKC Staff Writer
Download the Puppy Training and Handling Presentation from the Gulf States Professional Dog Breeder Seminar... Read more
1/20/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
Calling all dog breeders in or near the Gulf States!... Read more
1/4/2016 News
CKC Staff Writer
From chasing off bears to surviving a 100 ft jump, we combined the dog news of 2015 into a few bullet points. ... Read more
12/2/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
In February we shared a story about an 85-pound beagle named Kale Chips. Find out how he's doing now.... Read more
11/16/2015 Event
CKC Staff Writer
The results for the Douglas Farms Fall Invitational are in. ... Read more
11/4/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Through genetic-engineering, Chinese scientists have created dogs with twice the strength of their average canine counterparts.... Read more
10/7/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Fort Worth native, Eugene Bostick, has discovered a way to spend his free time while keeping his rescued dogs happy.... Read more
9/22/2015 Event
CKC Staff Writer
Don't miss out on the last Continental Kennel Club sanctioned dog show of 2015!... Read more
9/14/2015 Press
CKC Staff Writer
Effective October 1st, 2015, kennel registration service rates will increase.... Read more
9/2/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Dog lovers and animal activists in Southern California are calling for action after four dogs were found with severe burns, likely caused by a chemical or acid.... Read more
6/15/2015 Event
CKC Staff Writer
The results are in for the May 9th Douglas Farms Summer Show!... Read more
6/9/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
How would you react if you saw a dog locked in a car on a hot day? For Desert Storm Veteran Michael Hammons, it was a no-brainer.... Read more
5/1/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
The results are in for the Douglas Farms Spring Show!... Read more
4/21/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
An epidemic of H3H2, a flu strain found in South Korean and Chinese dog populations, has reached North America.... Read more
4/2/2015 News
CKC Staff Writer
Don't miss out on the second Continental Kennel Club sanctioned dog show of 2015! ... Read more

World’s Oldest Dog Passes Away at 30


Police Officer Rescues Abandoned Dog


Every Dog Club Hosts First Conformation Show


Now Offering Pro-ID Mini Microchips and Packs!


New Strain of Dog Flu Now Documented in 25 States


Presentation Download: Professional Dog Breeder Seminar


Gulf States FREE Professional Dog Breeder Seminar


A Pawsome Year In Review: Top Dog News of 2015


Update: Kale Chips' Journey to Good Health


Event Results: Douglas Farms Fall Invitational


Chinese Scientists Genetically Engineer Dogs


All Aboard the Doggie Train!


Douglas Farms Fall Invitational to Be Held October 17th


Breeder Notice - Increase in Kennel Registration Rates


Four Dogs Found Burned with Acid in SoCal


Event Results: Douglas Farms Summer Conformation Show


Dog-Saving Veteran Cleared of Criminal Charges


Event Results for the Douglas Farms Spring Conformation Show


Dog Flu Outbreak Hits North America for First Time


Douglas Farms Summer Conformation Show to Be Held May 9th


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